Proper Placement of the Jiu Jitsu Gi Patch

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has been gaining popularity in mixed martial arts. This form of martial arts is ideal for self-defense and can give individuals the self-confidence they need to get through life. Those who practice this form of martial arts wear a uniform called a gi. As they train in Jiu Jitsu, they will acquire a Jiu Jitsu gi patch for various accomplishments and also to represent their training facility. Understanding the proper placement of these patches will ensure you can have your patches applied correctly.

The Jacket

The jacket is one of two pieces of the gi. This is where most Jiu Jitsu participants place their patches for the greatest visibility. On the jacket, there are seven positions in which you can place the patches. Adding your patches to any location other than one of the approved areas will result in a disqualification when you compete in certain organizations. The seven jacket locations for your Jiu Jitsu gi patch include the:

* Front right upper shoulder

* Front right upper arm

* Left upper arm

* Left upper shoulder

* Right below the belt in the front

* Right below the belt in the back

* The back between the collar and the belt

Talk to a professional before you sew the patches on to ensure you are choosing the right location. Visit BJJ Patches for more information.

The Pants

Whether your jacket is full or you simply prefer placing a Jiu Jitsu gi patch on your pants, learning the proper locations on your pants is important. The pants offer six locations for your patches, giving you a total of 13 options on your uniform. The approved locations on the pants include:

* Above the right and left knee on the front

* Below the right and left knee on the front with at least 15 cm of open space between the patch and the bottom of the leg

* Along the back of both legs

With seven areas on which you can apply a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi patch, you have plenty of space to display your school, affiliation, or latest accomplishments. Participating in this sport can provide strength, concentration and improved self-esteem, making it a great option for a large number of individuals who are looking for a way to get and stay fit. As these individuals participate in the sport, they can wear their patches, giving them a sense of accomplishment and pride in their hard work and club affiliation.

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